Holosonic Audio Spotlight Speakers


 The Audio Spotlight uses a beam of ultrasound as a "virtual acoustic source", enabling unprecedented control of sound distribution.

Trade shows, gallery exhibits, promotional events.

AS-168i 20 x 40cm : Per Week $420 +, Per Month $850 +

AS-16i 40 x 40cm : Per Week $780 +, Per Month $1530 +

AS-24i 60 x 60cm : Per Week $1180 +, Per Month $2350 +

Brown Innovation Directional Speakers

Dome audio isolation speakers for gallery and promotional events.

20 Inch Dome with Amp : Per Day $220 +, Per Week $525 +, Per Month $1,020 +

SB47 Sonic Beam with Amp : Per Day $670 +, Per Week $1680 +, Per Month $3,350 +

Alcorn McBride 8400


Compact Flash high definition video player with Ethernet and GPS.

The Digital Video Machine HD is a compact high definition video player thatís rugged enough for the most demanding applications. It also offers very flexible control capabilities, a wealth of interface options, and supports a wide variety of video encoding standards.