Conex have designed a range of audio switchers, DTMF signalling devices and mobile phone audio interfaces for the Broadcasting industry. The range has been targeted to problem solving areas that are not produced for the mass market and solve many specific applications radio broadcasters face in their day to day activities.


FJ-10 Flip Jack mobile phone interface

The FlipJack is part of the Conex line of cell phone interface products. The FlipJack is designed to interface to cell phones that have a 2.5 mm hands-free adapter jack or can be adapted to.

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• Compact self contained unit. Just 3.5" x 1.5" x 4"
• Two XLR Balanced Mic inputs, one switchable to a balanced
line-level input
• Front panel LED level and low battery indicator
• Headphone jack with level control
• Tuner input for off-air monitoring
• Balanced line-level output
• All IC's are socketed for easy maintenance
• Interconnect cable provided
• Transformer isolated input and outputs
• Operates from it's own 9 V alkaline battery

 FJ-500 Flip Jack mobile phone interface

The FJ-500 is the latest addition to the Conex line of cell phone interface products. The new design takes all the features of the FJ-10 model and adds many new ones, such as two mic inputs and a line input and dual headphone sockets.

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FJ-700 Flip Jack mobile phone interface

For recording, or any remote application, the FJ-700 has features specifically designed for remote broadcasts via cell phones.

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LLA Land line adaptor for Flip Jack

The Conex LLA Land Line Adapter is designed to interface the FJ-10 FlipJack, CJ-10 CellJack or the CJ-30 CellJack II cell phone adapters to a dial-up phone line, in case cell phone communication is impractical. The LLA is connected to a standard telephone by disconnecting the cord from the telephone handset and connecting the free end to the LLA. The cable from either the CellJack or FlipJack is then connected to the appropriate connector on the LLA.


 DT-90 Telephone remote access audio switcher

The DT-90 is a stereo audio switcher controlled by DTMF tones over a standard telephone line.

The unit has 4 stereo inputs and one stereo output and 4 independent relays. A internal microphone allows the operator to listen to sounds from the far end. The DT-90 is access code protected.

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DT-55 Telephone Remote Control

The DT-55 telephone remote control answers a phone line, accepts a user determined access code, then allows remote control of ten SPDT relays and the remote monitoring of ten external switch contacts or logic levels.

The relays are magnetic latching. On power loss and restoration, the relays can retain their prior states or return to the deactivated state (your choice). Each relay can be set, cleared or activated momentarily (for the duration of the push-button actuation on the calling telephone). Additionally, the DT-55 can be set up to act in an interlocking mode. When a button is pressed, its associated relay is set and all other relays are cleared.


Features Include:

  • Miniature screw-clamp terminal strips for easy connection to your external circuits.
  • Easily distinguishable tones indicate the high-low or open-closed status of the ten external inputs.
  • Status lights indicate the ringing signal, power, DTMF tone detection, line connection, & access.
  • Switch-selectable access code (can be disabled if desired)..
  • All IC's plug in for easy maintenance
  • Compact size: 9.5" x 2.5" x 1" (L x W x H).



DT-40 DTMF Remote control

The DT-40 accepts DTMF tones from an audio line, receiver, or other source, accepts a user access code, then allows remote control of sixteen SPDT relays. The relays can be momentary, latching, or interlocking. The DT-40 is easy to understand, easy to install, secure, and effective.

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AS-101 Audio Switcher

The Conex AS-101 Audio Switcher allows any one of 10 stereo sources to be switched to the stereo output channel. Switching is accomplished by pressing one of the illuminated buttons on the front panel, or remotely, via the remote control connector on the rear panel. Several remote control devices may be connected in parallel, and all will indicate the selected channel.



LFG-1000 Sub audible tone generator

The LFG-1000 tone generator provides a simple, economical method for encoding audio for automation and other tone signaling applications including translators, satellite systems, and cable broadcasting.

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CS-25B Sub audible tone decoder

The CS-25B sensor provides a simple, economical method for sensing tones from satellite systems, reel-to-reel tape machines, etc. The CS-25B is based on a modular concept that allows you to build a sensor system that exactly meets your needs.

The modules that are currently available for the CS-25B include:

  • DS-25 dual sensor module (can be configured for 35 Hz)

  • HPF25 high pass filter

  • PS3 power supply

  • DTA dual tone adaptor (used to detect 25 Hz, 35 Hz and 25/35 Hz)

You can mix a variety of these modules in one package depending on your requirements.

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DT-11 DTMF Encoder

The DT-11 DTMF Generator is a desktop unit with threaded inserts for user-mounting to a rack panel or other surface. Its features include:

  • 16-Button Keypad with User-Insertable Legends

  • The keypad generates all 16 DTMF tones. Internal DIP-Switch sets Keypad for 2 octaves of musical scale notes.

  • All DTMF and 2 Octaves of Musical Notes (tones and semitones) controllable via RS-232

  • The electronically balanced audio output is adjustable to +10 dBu.

  • The DT-11 can be remote controlled (via RS-232) or external contact closure to ground.

  • Front panel LEDs indicate power, RS-232 signal and Tone output.

  • DB-25 Connector for Remote Switches - Includes pins for RS232, External Power, and Audio Output.

  • Dimensions: 4"W x 5"L x 1" H

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RX-11 Tone Jack

The RX-11 ToneJack is a very compact audio frequency generator providing sine and square-wave signals with very accurate frequencies from 1 Hz to 29,999 Hz. It is useful in testing the frequency response of systems, filters tone sensors, etc. The ToneJack is powered by a nine volt battery or external power.A built-in RS232 interface allows a computer or terminal to control all the normal front panel functions of the RX-11, and additionally, to generate a tone burst of any frequency for a duration programmable from 1 to over 65,000 mS (65 Seconds).

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WJ-10 Weather Jack

The Conex WeatherJack is a small, battery operated weather instrument in the form of a module. It operates as an electronic barograph and thermograph and connects to the serial port of your PC via an RJ11 telephone type cable and RJ11 to serial (DB9) adapter (both provided). A small phone jack is also located on this end that allows you to connect the included external temperature sensor to the unit.

Once the WeatherJack software is installed on your PC (Windows 98 or XP) and the unit is connected, you can monitor both the barometric pressure and the outside temperature in the form of a temperature and pressure graph on your computer.

You can easily follow weather fronts as they pass over you area and monitor daily temperature fluctuations over a three day period. Options allow you to set the sampling frequency from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Special rate of change icons warn of fast changing pressure changes that generally indicate the approach of severe weather.

Other options allow you to set the pressure to either millibars or inHG and the temperature to either F or C.

Historical information is stored on your computer and can be recalled at any time.


JDB1 Jumbo Digital Barometer

The JDB-1 incorporates large easy-to-read digits (you can read it from across the room), a trend indicator, and battery operation to make weather watching easier than ever.


  • Large format --- Unit measures 9" wide by 2.8" high. The digits are 1.5" high.
  • Pressure reading is updated every 15 minutes.
  • The Pressure range is: 20" - 31" Hg, 508 mmHg - 787 mmHg 677 mb - 1050 mB
  • An overall accuracy of +- 0.05" Hg with a resolution of 0.01"Hg
  • Battery operation. Operates for over 1 year on a 9 volt alkaline battery.
  • Reads barometric pressure in either inches of mercury or millibars. Now available in a version that reads inHg or mmHg.
  • A separate indicator shows pressure trends...Very Fast, Fast, and Steady.
  • Operates to an altitude of 7500 Feet